Ecm idm communication fault

RonF Top Member. Donotpass Active Member. Driver called in and said electrical fault came up on dash. Pulled over, shut down, wouldn't restart. I know I've seen some issues like this on the forum before, but can anyone point me in the right direction to go with this. They are in the battery box where the 3 fuses are. Look for burnt terminals in the fuse holder or the three wire connector. If not there they follow that harness along the frame rail and near the starter, check those connections for the same thing.

Every single IC, CE bus that if have worked on, that is where the problem was found when electrical fault came up. Are those specific relays the ones that are tied up along the harness that runs along the back side of the engine downwards? Think there's 3 of them tied up together? I did check the fuse holder in the battery box for corrosion and burned terminals, and that area looks good.

Check those. From there the harness continues up to the relays on the fire wall. You will usually see the plastic melted on the inside of the connector. We have a allison vendor that says they see this issue frequently. Left key on while doing some basic checks, message on dash is out at this point. Pulled the battery tray out and the message came on. Started wiggling wires and it would come and go.

Pulled sheathing off the 3 fused wires and it seems to be a breaking wire that goes to the TCM fuse. I can bend it and the light comes and goes and the code on Allison comes and goes as well. I'll fix the wire and see what happens. Hopefully this is it, I'll post an update as to whether or not it fixes it. Ohmed it and it was loosing contact from barely touching the wires. Got it back together and fault would come and go. My thought on this is that the bad connection wiped out TCM.

If anyone else has a better explanation, I'd love to hear it. I believe you're right, the bad connection at the battery harness probably burnt the board in the TCM. I've had that happen before. School Bus Fleet Magazine Forums. RonF Top Member Posts. The symptom you are talking about sounds like the connections in the terminals for clean power to the ECM.The engine control module ECMalso commonly referred to as the engine control unit ECU or powertrain control module PCMis one of the most important components found on virtually all modern vehicles.

The ECM takes the information from the engine's various sensors and uses that information to calculate and tune engine spark and fuel for maximum power and efficiency. The ECM plays a crucial role in newer vehicles, where many of the essential functions of the car are controlled by the ECM. When the ECM has any issues, it can cause all sorts of problems with the vehicle, and in some cases even render it undrivable.

A bad or failing ECM may produce any of the following 5 symptoms to alert the driver of a potential problem. The Check Engine Light usually illuminates when the computer detects a problem with any of its sensors or circuits.

There are cases, however, where the ECM illuminates a Check Engine Light mistakenly, or when there is no issue present. Have a mechanic scan the computer for trouble codes to diagnose whether the issue is with the ECM, or elsewhere on the vehicle.

Erratic engine behavior may also indicate a bad or failing ECM. A faulty computer may cause the vehicle to intermittently stall or misfire. The symptoms might come and go and not appear to have any sort of pattern to their frequency or severity. Engine performance issues are another symptom of a possible problem with the ECM. If the ECM has any issues, it may throw off the timing and fuel settings of the engine, which can negatively affect performance.

ecm idm communication fault

A faulty ECM may cause the vehicle to experience a reduction in fuel efficiency, power, acceleration. If the ECM fails completely, it will leave the vehicle without engine management control, and will not start or run as a result. The engine may still crank, but it will not be able to start without the vital inputs from the computer. Car-starting problems are not exclusively caused by the ECM, so it's best to get a complete diagnosis by a professional technician to accurately determine the cause.

Bad fuel economy may occur from a failing ECM. A faulty ECM disallows your engine from knowing how much fuel to burn in the combustion process. Typically, the vehicle consumes more fuel than it should in this situation. The ECM plays a vital role in engine performance. Any issues with it can cause major problems with the overall functionality of the car. As the computer systems found on modern vehicles are quite sophisticated and complicated, they can also be difficult to diagnose. The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Vehicle Engine Electrical Inspection.

Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2, U. Fast, free online quotes for your car repair. Schedule Vehicle Engine Electrical Inspection. Service Area.

Average rating fromcustomers who received a Vehicle Engine Electrical Inspection. Home Articles. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified.

Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Articles. Related Questions. Check engine light came on in my Toyota Avalon after getting gas. Have heard this can be a gas cap problem You're right, this could be a gas cap problem. But it could also be any number of other problems. The check engine light comes on whenever the computer detects a fault in the car's emissions systems and the computer stores P trouble code is showing up.Welcome to world's most trustworthy automotive forum.

Thread Rating: 35 Vote s - 3. Reputation: I've got a 06 IH with a DT that won;t start. Replaced the IDM fuse is good now. When hooked up to servicemax it has a code. Servicemax shows no voltage on any of the sensors just dotted lines. I can read all the vehical info. Any help on what to look at next would be great.

Senior Member. It can be caused when voltage is low to the IDM. Reputation: 3. I had this problem once and one of the relays was burnt out. I found the problem to be a wire rubbing on a bracket. Check the wiring loom to see if it's not rubbing somewhere. I had on just recently that had a loose lock on the ecm causing the voltage to be low causing it to not communicate.

Found it checking for voltage drops. Cleaned the pins tightened it up and ran fine.

ecm idm communication fault

Also had a with and injector harness rub through on the power side blew the fuse when it hit a bump. On another the idm relay pins were burnt and were causing a high draw the fuse looked melted more than blown from the high draw.

international T444E Crank no star

I hope some of this helps good luck. Well I have got nowhere on this no-start. After replacing the IDM I checked all power and grounds, I even put a 12 volt work light on them to check under a load still nothing. The IDM is a reman from international, I would hope its good.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Engine Control Module (ECM)

This truck has been several places to be fixed and i've found bolts missing on brackets, just don't know if one got left off. I'm using version Any help would be great. Is this a bobtail? Does this truck have an additional fuse box on the left fender well? Reputation: 1, Did you get a comp,eye reman idm or a half idm, as if you got a complete did the dealer program it for you cause the need to be programmed and parts guys are not always up to date on that?

If all this is ok what codes are you getting after idm and fuse replacement? Dt to dt Replies: Last Post by gearingup. Replies: 1. Last Post by kuracnabiciklu. Request Workshop Repair manual International dt Last Post by pacific diesel.

ECM password for DTDTC Codes. Can't Find Your Part? Just because it's not listed, doesn't mean we don't have it. Click The Help Button. Thanks for the quick shipment, speedy core charge return, and email notifications. Stand up company. The injector for my 6. My next injectors will will be ordered from HNC. Thanks, Ryan.

The part came in very fast, good quality and I haven't had any customer complaints. If I need something in the future I will definitely use your website again. Definitely very satisfied!!!!! I called before I placed the online order your counter guy was very helpful!!!!

I will check first with you before I ever order from the dealer or anybody else. I'm a napa jobber and I will spread the word to as many other jobbers as I can. Thanks for your help. See More Testimonials.

If you are entering an International Truck part number, do not enter any characters that appear after the alphabetical character example: C92 enter C. Shop With Confidence! User Name. Remember Me. Home Shop Now About Us. You are here: Home. Navistar Diagnostic Trouble Code Index. Parts Help. Shipping locations and shipping method are based on customers location and the parts availability in any given warehouse, and what will get it to you fastest We will ship USPS Flat Rate to Alaska and Hawaii.

Please contact us for ordering. Your Cart. Shop Truck Parts. Air System Parts. Drivetrain and Engine Parts. Cummins Engine Parts.USA Posts. United States Posts. Fastback Top Member. RonF Top Member. DougBier Senior Member. I found relays but nothing to tell me which is which. A picture of the location would be fantastic!

They are not marked which is which. We have found burnt connections in the relay connector, broken wire inside the insulation and rarely a bad relay. If I remember correctly. Always check the fuse and connections in the battery box as well as electrical connections near the starter. There is a wire harness over the top of the engine that has a 10A fuse sticking out. Lead, Follow or get out of the way! I opened it up and nothing was there.

Are they behind something else. There a bunch of relays on the fuse panel above the flasher. Then there is one on the top of the fuse panel upper right corner. When you open the drivers side wiper motor access door, do you see a rather thick wiring harness? Are there any relays zip tied to this harness? See any relays connected with 10 guage wires with circuit number 97 stenciled on them?

None of the wiring looks bad. What am I looking for there? If the sockets have turned black or the connector hole where the socket plugs in is distoreded, replace the relay and the relay connector. You can buy the connector and relay from NAPA. I just did one on a CE last month. Installed in a sister bus and they worked. Bus started up. I tested power at the relays in the bus that wouldn't start. Showed I cleared the codes.

All disappeared but I have a and a Could all my problems be tied to a IPR sensor? Hope someone can help. CAN2 circuit open, short to ground or power.

ecm idm communication fault

Did you ever check that fuse on top of engine? There is also another relay. I suspect that is for the alternator. I pulled the batteries and going to them tested.Welcome to world's most trustworthy automotive forum.

Thread Rating: 13 Vote s - 3. Reputation: 1.

DT466 no-start

Thanks again. Senior Member. Reputation: What year is the engine? See "EGR Actuator" in this section. I've had that same code before on are dt and found the fuse in the battery box melted for the IDM. Replace the fuse and fuse holder and it starts and code is gone. Good morning to all played with this truck yesterday. If I wiggled the harness the injectors would fire and the truck would start.

I have ohmed the harness and it all checks out no shorts to ground or broken wires I am lost. I called the international dealer to order a harness and they cannot find a part number for it any help would be great. Could you get me the last 8 of the vin I may be able to look it up and try to help out.

Engine sensor harness, that's goes to the egr is part c1 The injector harness part c Replies: Last Post by skoto Cat ECM trouble. Author: wunstermunster0. Replies: 4.

Last Post by jokey.Discussion in ' Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ' started by rshacklefordFeb 4, Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Feb 6, Here is a list of fault codes for your. Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Feb 7, The code problem is between engine and trans and will not cause the engine to quit.

The is a code that will cause the Check Engine light to come on and engine may not run. This code is set when the main ecm cannot communicate with the IDM, injector drive module. You have a 3 box system on your engine. The injector drive module is located above the engine on the firewall, the ecm is located kinda above where the clutch pedal is on the inside of the firewall and has a big connector that connects to it through the firewall at the left side near the fender.

The actual code is just saying the ecm cannot get the idm to communicate fault codes. This alone does not cause the engine to quit.

Sounds like the IDM is partially working, but not properly firing the injectors. Could be weak voltage supply to the IDM and or corroded wiring. The IDM is powered through at relay. The relay should also be near the IDM itself at the firewall there. The relay is turned on by the ECM. The IDM should have a 15 amp fuse in the battery box area. See if you can find the harness at the batteries.

There should be a couple of fuses in there. Just check for any corrosion or loose wire terminals in the fuse block. Follow the harness as best as possible under the truck and see if it rubbed through anywhere. It will come up the left frame. There should be one or two big connectors along the way, take them apart too and check for corrosion. Follow it up to the relay and check it too for any corrosion, or loose or burnt terminals.

Hopefully you find something! HeavydFeb 7, Feb 17,

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